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AFEM Kft started operating in 1984 as a small, family owned business. Today, after many successful years, we operate as a Kft(Ltd) on two sites. The company's main profile is gravitational casting of non-ferrous metals (mainly bronze, aluminumbronze, and aluminum alloys), milling and heat treatment of aluminum alloys.
In January, 2015 we acquired the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management certification, which is under constant maintenance and improvement since then.

In these days our main products are
Since october, 2019, we operate on a second site in Tapolca. In Abony the main profiles are bronze sand casting, alumnium permanent mould and sand casting, 3D printing. In Tapolca the main profile is AlSi10Mg alloy permanent mould casting, T6 heat treatment, milling, drilling, and product assembly.

Integrating present technological advancements is a must. For our low serie or unique, sand casted products we use 3D printing technology for pattern production. This technique provides accurate casts with budget-friendly initial costs.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our partners on a wide range and the highest possible quality.


Abony site

Cinque Terre

Sand Casting

  • for 1 - 200 parts/year range
  • Rather time consuming mold making
  • Average precision (+/-1mm)
  • For AlSi10Mg, CuSn10/CuSn12 alloys
  • Up to 100kg per part

Permanent Mould Casting

  • for 200 - 10000+ parts/year
  • Quick and cost efficient
  • High precision (+/-0,05mm)
  • For AlSi12 vagy CuAl9Fe3Ni alloys
  • Up to 50kg per part


  • Turning (non-CNC)
  • Milling (non-CNC)
  • Surface wearing
  • Pressing
  • Plate bending

3D printing

  • For pattern production and prototypes
  • Quick, highly precise
  • Higher abrasive resistance than wood
  • PLA/ABS patterns
  • Up to 200x300x200 mm

Tapolca site


Permanent Mould Casting

  • 200 - 10000+ parts/year
  • Quick and cost efficient
  • High precision (+/-0,05mm)
  • Up to 50kg / part
  • Mainly AlSi10Mg alloy for HT T6

Heat Treatment

  • Heat treatment of AlSi10Mg (T6)
  • Solution heat treating
  • Artifical aging
  • Yield decreases
  • HBR 60-70 -> 100-110

Finishing, Assembly

  • Sawing
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Drilling, cutting
  • Assembly of casted products

Material testing

  • Oxford spectrometer
  • Mainly for quality management of AlSi10Mg alloy
  • Can be used for other aluminum alloys too
  • Brinell Hardness testing
  • Tensile strength testing


Our company uses the following alloys in most cases.
To assure the correct chemical composition we only work with spectrometry analysed, certified ingots.


 2740 Abony, Gergely út 4., PEST, HUNGARY

  +36 30/656-7821